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    Marriage: An Inter-Generational Q&A

    This panel originally appeared in the May edition of our Year of the Family newsletter. To read the newsletter in its entirety, visit our Year of the Family homepage. We hear a lot today about the ways perceptions of marriage have changed between the generations. In order to glean a little wisdom

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    Donated Copybooks to Benefit Children Throughout the Diocese

    When CRW Graphics approached Kaitlyn Muller, director of Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigration Services, to donate thousands of copybooks, Muller saw the potential to impact an even broader population beyond the refugee clients her program serves. “I saw it as a great opportunity to extend the generosity of CRW Graphics

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    Reflections on Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is a good time for remembering the role motherhood plays in all of our lives and the many forms it can take. Here, two of our staff reflect on the day in different ways, remembering all kinds of mothers and both the joy and pain the holiday can